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This game was awarded 88% rating Crash Magazine!!!!

Parts 1 and 2 are now combined into 1 file. If you have the password for part two, type it while Anna is in her hotel room at the start of the game.

Act 3 requires a password to play. Once you complete part 2, Anna will be given the password for the final part of the game.

ESXDOS Version

This version of the game has graphics!

29 images to help describe the game!

Last known diary entry of Anna Gardner. Logged 20th Sept. 1921:

There is surely only one man in the world who could get me to drop everything and fly halfway around the globe at a moments notice. Frederik S. Carble. An investigator in matters of the occult. A Maverick, and an oddball. Just like me. Well, the last bit anyway. 

Carble and I felt we were so close to something big, back in Arkham. He wanted to prove that we were not alone, that there was other intelligent life out there. I was just his helper really. Well at first. But more and more he let me in.  Up until a few months ago I’d say we had become partners. 

Then suddenly, he ghosted me. Went off grid, stopped answering calls. Then I got a telegram from him a few months ago saying something about how I might be in great danger because of him. Then nothing, until this letter. He said he needed my help. And that he had found what he was looking for, but that the world was in a terrible danger.

So, here I am, travelling to god knows where on this god forsaken filthy train. See, I told you I was an oddball.


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part 1 Spoilers walk through.txt 1,012 bytes
Act 3 35 kB
Hints and Tips for Part Two.pdf 1 MB
CBT1&2_Pus3version.DSK 190 kB
CBT_part2_v2.13.TAP 45 kB
CBT1&2_2.13_ESXDOS.zip 61 kB

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Enjoying part 2.

1) In part one "Speak to" works but in part two it doesn't, you have use "Talk to". Would be better if it was consistent throughout

 2) "Sliver handle" seems to be a typo. Is it meant to read Silver 

all fixed, please download 2.7. Many improvements made now. More complex sentences like ASK XXXX ABOUT XXXX. Glad you are enjoying it :)

In room 5 when you move north towards the window, the response shifts from second perspective ("you examine the window") to first perspective ("I'd have to smash the glass and I'm not doing that"). You should keep the second perspective throughout for consistency. 

Thank you. I will release and update with a fix.

please redownload - major update and part two should be a bit easier.

Really enjoyed part one. Is this a typo: "The Equinox is only 2 away" should this read 2 days away?

Looking forward to starting part 2

Thank you. I've fixed the typo and will release an update once I've finished part 3, which I'm working on now. I would love to hear your thoughts on part 2 :)

`examine letter` does not work if you `take` it first

(1 edit)

Thanks. Fixed! See v0.3 soon. Lots of improvements included :)

Add a walthrough too, I am stuck in the motel! (sadface)

Deleted 175 days ago

I added a walkthrough txt file. It does contain major spoilers!