Scholar of the Blasted Heath

I have had a good think about the puzzles in part 2 of the game and made some major changes. So much show, I am giving version 2.13 its own sub title - Welcome to Colour Beyond Time - Scholar of the Blasted Heath Edition!

This is the final version of part 1&2. There is a 48k version without graphics, and an ESXDOS version with over 30 graphics.

Certain items are in different locations, and some things can now be found more easily. 

I think this works better than my original idea, without having a negative effect on the story I wanted to tell with this game.

This is my first text adventure and I have learnt so much. Thank you to anyone who gave feedback, it really helped :)


CBT_part2_v2.13.TAP 45 kB
Jul 21, 2022
CBT1& 61 kB
Jul 21, 2022
Act 3 35 kB
Jul 04, 2022

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