This is parts 1 & 2 of Colour Beyond Time (Adventuron version.) 

Part 3 is here:

Last known diary entry of Anna Gardner. Logged 20th Sept. 1921:

There is surely only one man in the world who could get me to drop everything and fly halfway around the globe at a moments notice. Frederik S. Carble. An investigator in matters of the occult. A Maverick, and an oddball. Just like me. Well, the last bit anyway. 

Carble and I felt we were so close to something big, back in Arkham. He wanted to prove that we were not alone, that there was other intelligent life out there. I was just his helper really. Well at first. But more and more he let me in.  Up until a few months ago I’d say we had become partners. 

Then suddenly, he ghosted me. Went off grid, stopped answering calls. Then I got a telegram from him a few months ago saying something about how I might be in great danger because of him. Then nothing, until this letter. He said he needed my help. And that he had found what he was looking for, but that the world was in a terrible danger.

So, here I am, travelling to god knows where on this god forsaken filthy train. See, I told you I was an oddball.


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Somebody found a bug in the Adventuron version and describes it thoroughly in this review:

I hope you will fix it. In the mean time, I will play the ZX Spectrum version  :D

Hey, thanks for the link. I never thought anyone would play the web version, which isn't complete. The Spectrum game is complete. If you have Divide and play it on a real spectrum then you can play the graphical version.

Thanks, that is very important information as this game is eligible in the new IFDB Awards which has a category called "Outstanding Retro Game of 2022". Voting is open until 15th of February. It is going on here:

I've been writing with the player who did not realize that the game could not be completed. If possible, it would be a good idea on the starting screen of the game, to tell players  that this version (the Adventuron version) cannot be completed - they have to play the Spectrum version if they want to complete the game.

The game does say its a work in progress, and only part 1 and 2, however, you're right about the third flower - you should be able to get it! I will fix it. Thanks for letting me know. I will also publish part 3 for HTML - then you can play the full game :)

It should work now. You should be able to complete part 2. I'll upload part 3 tomorrow.

Will the player have to start over or can he use his save-files from the first time?

Restart the game. (Typing lunatic in the first room will take you to the start of part 2)

Part 3 is here - I was working on a version for the spectrum NEXT, it uses some of those images.  

Great, I will pass this on to the guy who wrote the review  :D